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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Spa Time!

Hye n assalamualaikum all,

Here I’m again writing to my dearest so called diaries....So, how was your day today my dear friend??

MMmm....Wanna talk on my long time hobby -> SPA TIME! (Since an “Anonymous” just wrote their comment on last post pasal my pedi mani session..hikhik)...

Actually, dulu tkde la minat sgt + tk pernah terfikir pon akan berkecimpung in diz hobby.....For some people out there, they think massage, pedi n manicure thingy is just a waste of money (Seriously! especially man). I also think the same way too before..

Things changed a lot when I started works 3 years ago..... Stressed at workplace (kene marah ngan bos+ byk kerja+etc.) + plenty of time for myself (since im not married yet), I started to explore new things (which is massage+manicure/pedicure at spa)...Hurm, after trying for several time, I seems to like this “new hobby”. For me, it’s like therapy. Mind therapy~~...Perasaan best tu mcm, lagi banyak sen yg dilaburkan (ye LABUR! Utk kebaikan tubuh badan anda!kehkeh), terasa seperti bebanan/stress semakin berkurang...Seriously!! Don’t believe me?just try and  experience it yourself.

COST?? Actually, this activity doesn’t really cost u much...It’s depend on what treatment that u want...If budget ciput, jgn la pilih treatment dasyat2 sgt. For example, 2hours package (scrub +Reflexology+cupping, back n neck massage- using aromatheraphy oil) only cost u RM 150-180..Theres also treatment which can go up until RM300-400, but as for me, 2 hours package (mentioned earlier) is enough....As for pedi/mani spa session (no color, buffing only), its only cost me less than RM 100...really cheap and berbaloi baloi....

HOW FREQUENT??Usually within a month, I usually come to spa for 2 times to do massage thingy (bergantung kepada tahap ke-stress-an yg melanda.. Semakin stress, semakin kerap pergi spa dan semakin pening BFku melayan karenah ini). As of pedi/mani session, once every 3-4 months (depending on occasion/festival..if dekat2 raya mesti nk pergi!hihik)

After years, spending my time (+ of course $$$), I realized so much pro’s to continue this so called hobby:
  1.   Relax  ur mind (bauan aromaterapi sgt membuat kite calm
  2. Good for our health (badan nk bekerja lame..kene jaga ye rakan2)     
  3. Jimat duit(kalau gurls shopping mesti dah abis beratus2@ribu2, baik pergi spa)
  4. Menjaga kesihatan kuku supaya lebih sihat dan shining sepanjang masa.
  5.    ____________...Go and try, then, fill in the blank ok =)
My latest pedi/mani session

Shining and I just luv it =)

Pesanan penaja, dptkan rawatan spa yg menenangkan di spa berhampiran rumah anda sekarang!! Dare to shine??http://my.churpchurp.com/octolady/share/DarlieShineYourDay...hikhik Da~~~~


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