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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

iphone 5.. datanglah kepadaku!

Hola and hye kawan2..

Hmm...its my first time writing like this.. Its October 2012 now...Rumours said that Iphone 5 will be out in 26-27 October in Malaysia..Tak sabar nye nk memiliki hp tercanggih di abad ini...Currently use Samsung Galaxy SII (hurm..obselete dah kot.haha).. Anyway, still sayang this phone since its my last year birthday gift from luv one =)...Bought it together on first day SII launch in white color (time tu rs mcm best gile ade phone paling latest.hihi) . After a years, SIII, Samsung Note, Iphone 4, Iphone 4S da mendominasi carta and pakai SII da rs mcm pakai nokia 3310..hahaha...<How I wish someone to give me Iphone 5 as my birthday present>..beranganlah Ell!!!~~

Erm..comparing new I-phone 5 and New Samsung galaxy Note, I will go for I-phone...After several year using Samsung (previously Samsung Galaxy I), Samsung leading Iphone in function wise i guess. Unfortunately, in the sense of battery lifetime,Samsung cepat habis bateri n asyik hang n need to restart again n again..haihh!...(I phone much better kot). So..keputusan telah diambil...bila I-phone 5 keluar jek dkt malaysia, sy MESTI beli (mata bersinar-sinar)...in few days, my dream will come true..yeay!!.Oklah..thats it for this time..till we meet again...tata!~

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